Sunday, April 6, 2014

Can I just take a moment to start off by saying: "What the Hell Walking Dead? What the Hell!?". Seriously, that's some crazy shit... and now I have to wait until the fall?!  In this day and age of instant gratification these long breaks between seasons suck.  Should they have evolved with everything else in our life?

Speaking of instant gratification: my #firstworldproblem lately has been the fact that I have to watch TV show intros on Netflix.  The first one is fine, especially when it is the first one of a season, but after watching four episodes in a row it is a bit tedious to keep watching the same intro. Perhaps I should take this as a "You're watching to much freaking Netflix" sign, but I've been sick... so what else can I do?!

The Colorado Avalanche beat the St Louis Blues yesterday...  Backes hit MacKinnon, MacKinnon went down and Backes kept hitting him once he was down. Now, Backes hitting MacKinnon I am fine with. But a player that keeps hitting another player when he is down is one of my pet peeves. For those who know me, I loved Daniel Winnik on the Avs, we are talking one of my faves here... but even when he got in a fight and kept hitting his opponent when he was down I was beyond annoyed. This isn't me wanting to shit on a player, this is me shitting on an act.

There are many unwritten rules in hockey especially in the fighting code. One of those is that you stop hitting player when they are down. Ian Laperriere actually attempted to brace his fighting partner head/neck when they went down. At the end of the day these guys have families and loved ones at home. Sure, you want to win, and you want to beat that player to get the momentum for your team, but you don't want to hurt their daily life.

That being said, the Avs held their own and beat the Blues becoming the only team in the NHL thus far to have beat all 29 other teams.  The Avs have proved that they truly can beat anybody. What a turn around from the last few years. I don't believe for a second that it's all on Roy... but one can't deny the massive change that has occurred since he has taken the helm.

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