Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Faves

What I am loving right now:

Tales of Symphonia (for the PS3): Seriously, I have loved this game since it came out on the GameCube ten years ago. Last month is was released on the PS3 and you just know that I got it on the first day that I could. It is easily my favorite game.

Cough drops: because I'm sick. Ugh.

The Colorado Avalanche: It is so nice to be cheering on a team that rocks! After a few years of watching a team build potential, but not live up to it, it's fun to have something to cheer about.

My Avs day manicure: Yes, I did a manicure using the Avs burgundy, blue, white and silver. What? Like you are surprised?

My guitar: I have decided that I need to play my guitar at least a half hour four times a week. I am aiming to learn Finger Eleven's Paralizer. I don't know that it's the easiest song to learn, but I was told that the best way to truly learn the guitar is to pick a song you like and start there... so that's what I'll be doing. If you have any hints or tricks for me, please feel free to share!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday wrap up!

As a hockey fan you take the awesome with the not so awesome. Awesome #1: John Mitchell played for the Colorado Avalanche today. After being turned into a human lawn chair a few games ago it was nice to see him be in the lineup again. Awesome #2: Mitchell scored! Wee-heee. Awesome #3 The Avs clinched a playoff spot. I cannot tell you how ridiculously happy this made me. The not awesome? Matt Duchene left within the first two minutes of the game after colliding with Jamie McGinn accidentally. Knee on knee hits scare the crap out of me, so I hope that it was as bad as it could be since he was out for the rest of the game this has potential to be terrible news for the Avs and their fans.

I'm fighting some sort of sickness, not getting much sleep because I keep coughing. And it sucks. I'm good sitting but when I try to lie down it sucks. Not a happy camper.

Someone posted on their Facebook about their expectations of being an adult and the reality of it. It reminded me that I never wanted to be a teenager because of a) boys and b) acne. Turns out I didn't get acne - please don't hate me but I probably got 5 pimples my entire high school career (and I'm probably over-estimating) and the boys weren't so bad after all. I did want to be an adult though. Because, you see, as a kid I hated naps. I even got in trouble in pre-kindergarden because instead of sleeping during nap time like all the other kids I would poke the kids sitting next to me until they talked, I'd close my eyes real quick and pretend I was asleep.  I got away with this for a few days before they caught on. I was determined that as an adult I wouldn't ever have to take naps, so that'd be awesome! HA! I love naps. Glorious, amazing naps!!  Ooops.

One of my friends is going through a pretty scary time health-wise and I'm definately keeping her in my thoughts. I have had some pretty scary things happen to me health-wise and I know little things can make a big difference. She doesn't know it yet (umm, hi if you are reading this please stop), but I have a little care package on it's way to her. It's nothing massive but just a little something of things I think she might like... I keep hearing that our candy is different than what is the USA so I thought I'd send some of those. My faves are Crunchie bars! I hope I remembered to put a few in for her. :o I also have an indie polish in there by favorite polish maker. Eat Sleep Polish is where it is at.